Finding Peace in Difficult Times: 7 Takeaways from Michele Cushatt’s Book, Undone

E50-Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Today is Equip and Empower TV’s 50th episode – yay!

And to celebrate, I’m launching the Equip and Empower Academy. Summer session will kick off with two classes:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Stress Management

For full course details visit the Academy’s page HERE. I would love your support in sharing the news with your friends. You can share this page using any social media icon above [easy peasy].

Alright, so on today’s episode {video #50} I decided to do something a little different. I share 7 takeaways from Michele Cushatt’s book, Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life.

We all have “unexpected” somethings. All of us. For Michele, it was cancer. In her book, Undone, she shares her journey so beautifully. She’s a brilliant writer. And although I’ve never had such devastating news, I’ve had many experiences with fear that I can totally relate to her story and I know you will too.


When Life is Not Fair – God is Always Good

49-When Life is Not Fair

My four year old just had his first share of reality. Soccer does that. No, I was part of it. He found out pretty quickly that there’s things in life that others have – that he wants – and so, life is just “not fair.”

Have you ever felt that, “This just isn’t fair?” I have. Many times. When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, that’s the repeating statement I would say to myself and God, “It’s not fair.” I would also ask the, “Why is this happening to me?”

Truth is, I wasn’t dealing very well with the card life had dealt me. And I voiced it to God, but I kept silent to others. It was hard seeing others get pregnant so easily, while it was painful and daunting on my body.

Maybe you’re going through something difficult right now… a situation that seems unfair and it’s left you confused and angry. Beloved, seek the Lord for comfort. He is a just God. He is a good God. And it will be ok.

On today’s episode, I share three steps that will help you deal with the card life has given you. In many ways, life may be messy, but it is ours to live out in fullness. So, let’s learn to embrace it.


Running on Empty? Here’s 5 Ways to Fill Your Bucket

E48-5 Ways to Fill Your BucketSometimes, it’s easier to care for others than it is to care for ourselves. As a new mom, I experienced what it means to self-neglect. My son would come first for everything. There were days when I didn’t eat until dinner time. Yup. No bueno.

I realized that caring for myself was not selfish. If anything, filling my bucket is loving – because I can’t care for others when I’m not my best. We do this in other areas of our lives. We tend to work hard at our jobs and come home exhausted – with nothing left to give to those we love the most.

So, how are you doing in the self-care department? Sometimes, we care for others and neglect to care for ourselves. But we can’t give what we don’t have, so let’s make sure we are full so we can give back with joy. On today’s episode, we look at the results of having an empty bucket + 5 ways to fill your bucket.


The Scarcity Mentality + Abundant Life Power Prayer

E47-Scarcity vs. Abundant Mentality

Ok, so we’re gonna get a little personal on today’s episode. You see, I haven’t always been the “cheerful” and “joyful” kind. Growing up I was grumpy and tended to see life through gloomy lenses. Just ask my mom.

Things got really bad during my teen years (hormones… blame it on the hormones). It was a roller coaster of emotions. My mother tried her best to teach me about seeing the “glass half full” vs. my take of a glass half empty. I was stubborn.

If you’ve ever felt life is not fair or believe there is not enough goodness to go around – for you – I hope this message serves you well. I speak from personal experience when I say that abundance is for you – today. Jesus came for just that. The enemy wants you to believe there’s not enough. He knows scarcity will destroy dreams, friendships, and your faith. But abundant living begins with your mindset.

On today’s episode, we explore the difference between a scarcity and abundant mentality + I share a power prayer that will equip you claim an abundance mentality.


3 Tips to Protect Your Time and Value Yourself

E46-Protecting Your Time

Do you find yourself putting your projects aside because others ask for help with theirs? Do you feel guilty when you say, “no” to someone? Do you find yourself frustrated that you can’t seem to get your stuff done?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may need help protecting your time. Actually, we all need to protect our time – because there are “time bandits” ready to steal our precious time. These bandits are disguised as: favors, let me pick your brain, let’s have lunch, can you please help me with _____, social media surfing, etc.

Ok, let’s be honest. We all mean well and want to give, but there must be clear boundaries. You must know your time is valuable. If you don’t put yourself first, others will put their agenda on the forefront. Your plans will be on the sidelines – and that is not God’s plan for you.

On today’s episode, we discuss three tips to help you believe in the value you have to offer and protect your time. You are responsible to make the best of your day, so take charge of your time.


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