Feeling Like You Need to Be Perfect?


Have you ever felt like you can’t go to God because you’ve made too many mistakes? Do you believe you have to get your “act together” before you have a deeper relationship with Him?

If you struggle with “trying to be perfect,” then this episode is for you. I hope to shed some light and give you hope in knowing why it’s okay to be imperfect.

What We Cover:
• The main reason why we can’t be “perfect”
• If we can’t be perfect, then what is our aim/goal?
• What truly helps us let go of the need to “clean ourselves” before we come to God?


How to Handle Judgmental and Critical People in Your Life

Episode8-How to Handle Critical-Judgmental People

We all have “those” people that are just rude, critical and have no filter. So what do you do? What do you say? On today’s episode, we discuss three choices to handle critical or judgmental people.

Most of us don’t enjoy confrontation, but there’s other ways to speak the truth in love.

What We Cover:
• 3 easy, managable ways to handle critical people
• 2 scripts to help you get started
• Why throwing a verse at people is not effective
• Being true to who you are and what you value


4 Ways to Refocus When Your Passion and Purpose Are Low


When passion and purpose for life are running low, it’s hard to find joy in serving the Lord; it results in complaining, frustration or even bitterness. It leaves an emptiness in your soul, which can affect the course of your life and those around you.

On today’s episode, we discuss four tips to get back to positioning you to receive fresh direction from Father.

What We Cover:

  • Distractions that block our awareness of God’s vision for our life
  • How God used 2 cows to carry out a mighty mission
  • 4 tips to get passion and purpose back


Three Unspoken Lies Women Believe and God’s Promises to Combat Them


If you’ve ever struggled with fear, acceptance or unclear about your spiritual identity, I hope today’s episode brings comfort and hope.

On today’s episode, we discuss 3 unspoken lies women believe and we’ll use 3 promises from God’s Word to combat them.

What We Cover:

  • 3 unspoken lies women believe; I am unsafe, I am unloveable, and I am unable
  • 3 levels that will help you understand where your core needs stem from
  • 3 promises to combat the lies
  • Why being rooted in Christ is important for your identity
  • Simple exercise to help you get started uprooting the lies and cultivating God’s promises


Revealing Your Authentic Self: Taking Off The Masks


Are you tired of working hard to conceal the painful parts of your life? Do you believe you’re alone in your walk and that nobody understands your pain? Beloved, you are not alone. You will be surprised how many women are wearing masks to conceal the painful reality of their lives.

On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of revealing your authentic self, which requires taking off the masks we wear. I share my heart, my struggles and my mask (still recovering).

Grab a cup of coffee or tea cause this one’s a bit longer than our usual episode – about 20 min. But I promise it will be good information and I hope you have fun with it.


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