3 Practices to Living Fearlessly


In my work with women, I’ve identified one emotion that cripples faith, blocks potential, and holds women back. That emotion is FEAR.

But God gave us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). We don’t have to stay in a place of fear, beloved. You can live a fearless life. Emphasis on fearLESS.

On today’s episode of Equip and Empower TV, we discuss three practices to living fearlessly.


How to Overcome Selfishness


Have you ever had a loved one point out an opportunity (aka flaw) to you?

I remember mine.

We were married for a couple of months. It wasn’t even our one year anniversary. I can’t even remember what the discussion was about, but I remember I was hurt.

I tend to shut down when I’m hurt. You know, “nothing is wrong.” That night, he kept asking, not knowing I needed space. Then, he said it, “Edith, you need to stop acting like a little girl.”

Oh, boy. That did it. I was insulted. I was hurt.

But guess what? He was right.

Although the manner in which he delivered the news was not to my liking, I knew I had to change. I was being selfish. I was just thinking about me. My feelings. My needs.

On today’s episode of Equip and Empower TV, I’m answering a question from one of God’s little flames about how to overcome selfishness.


One Simple Strategy to Deal with Flooding Worry Thoughts


Today, we celebrate our 25th Equip and Empower episode. Yay! {Confetti toss}

I can’t begin to express my excitement and gratitude. The first video went up February 2015 and we’ve come a long way. It’s been a journey of learning, flexibility, endurance, and constant fine-tuning.

Can’t say I’ve got it all together, but I’m at a good point. I truly enjoy making these videos for you, but heck they’re a ton of work. So, when we hit 25 episodes, this was my opportunity to splurge on my favorite Starbucks drink, a soy misto. Although small, it’s my way of celebrating this meaningful milestone.

Because the small things we do today makes the big stuff matter tomorrow.

On today’s episode, we’ll explore a simple technique to help deal with worry thoughts.


3 Lessons Infertility Taught Me About Failing Successfully


Infertility can be such a shaming and lonely journey. I know many women who have struggled with infertility, including yours truly, and the impact it can have on our sense of identity. 

Society has taught us that “failure is not an option” – Apollo 13. In my walk with the Lord, I’ve experienced the opposite. I have found that to succeed, we must learn to fail – and fail successfully (with grace).

Although I’m using my story of infertility, please stick around because this is applicable to all women – we’ve all felt like a failure or will fail at one point.

On today’s episode, we’ll explore three lessons infertility taught me about failing successfully.

What We Discuss:

  • The expectations women set or society sets for them and how this feeds our sense of “failure”
  • Why self examination is essential to successfully fail
  • The impact evaluating our situation has in setting priorities and values in place


3 Tips to Help You Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


One of the most frequent themes in my coaching practice is the “comparison trap.” Women ask me, “How do I stop comparing myself to others?” Truly, this is a widespread phenomenon. Let’s just be real, comparing ourselves to others drains us and leaves our souls bare to the bones.

Comparison is a waste of time. But you already knew that. So, how do we get rid of these yucky feelings and ruminating thoughts? That’s the million dollar question.

I’m no expert. And I’ll be the first to say I struggle with this all too often. But I have learned some tips to recognize this culprit and redirect it before it runs wild.

On today’s episode, we’ll explore three tips to help you begin taking steps to end the comparison trap.

What We Discuss:

  • Comparison robs us in three areas: joy, time, and energy
  • God created us uniquely and for a specific purpose
  • It takes more energy and time to try to be like someone else than being yourself
  • Three tips to help you set a game plan to stop comparison


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