Psalm 46 prayer

Lord, thank you for being a safe and powerful place of refuge.
You have proven over time to be my help when I need it most.
You’re always ready to help – whenever I call upon Your name.
Therefore, I will never fear, even if everything around me seems to be falling on me.
For whatever winds and waves crash upon me, it will not move my faith.

Lord, you bring constant joy and delight.
You are in the midst of Your people. You are with me. Therefore, I will not be shaken.
I can hear Your roar like a lion coming to rescue His precious cub.

You are here! You are here!
The God Almighty is on my side!
You fight for me.

I will shout to those around me, “Look, see how mighty and awesome is my God.”
You, Oh Lord, burn all the weapons the enemy throws at me. I am surrounded by Your consuming fire.
This same fire settles my soul. My anxiety, depression, and fear melt away.

Suddenly, all is silent within me.
I close my eyes and I can hear Your voice clearly.
I see… I see… I see You are God. 
I know… I know… I know You are God.
I feel… I feel… I feel you in my bones.
I shout… I shout… I shout You are the Most High!

Because You are here, you’re alive in me.
And You are my commander – always by my side.

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