Welcome, mama!

Motherhood has not been easy; it’s been difficult to maneuver my way from full-time professional marriage and family therapist, to part-time life coach, and now a full-time stay at homeschooling mama. God sure has a sense of humor. I never thought I would stay at home full-time. And never thought homeschooling was for me. NEVER. Yet, here I am.

We are a foster/adoptive family. This is our journey ~ messy, “un-normal,” but beautiful. I created this page because motherhood has been lonely and difficult for me. As I pondered this with the Lord, He encouraged me to take what I’ve learned and not be afraid to share with other mamas because chances are that other mamas are going through similar challenges. So, let’s do this together! Our assignments as mamas are an important one. We are raising warriors for His Kingdom and that changes the world.

I’ve been married for 18 years to my best friend. We have an energetic five-year-old boy who’s absolutely precious. I love hanging out with family, sipping coffee with friends, and catching up on my sleep. I’m a student and teacher of God’s perfect love. I thrive best when my heart is grateful, regardless of my circumstances. Therefore, laughter is a must in our home.

I believe every woman should experience God’s overwhelming love, freedom, and wonder. The enemy’s goal is to extinguish our God-given flame, but we are reminded that we have the Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). My mission is to nurture, guide, and empower women to fan their flames, shine bright, and live fearlessly.

Fan the flame! 🔥

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Professional Bio:

Edith Pont is a Bible teacher, speaker, and writer who integrates her former experience as a marriage and family therapist into her writing and speaking. She’s passionate about helping women fan their God-given flames. She’s the founder of Wonder Warrior, a self-paced program to aid women in awakening and unleashing their inner warrior. She’s the author of Compassionate Healer: Embracing Life in the Arms of Christ. Her mission is to lead the daughters of the High King to fan their flames, shine bright, and live fearlessly.

When she’s not writing or speaking, she’s busy playing with her energetic five-year-old son. Through foster/adoption, Edith and her husband open their hearts and home to children who need a temporary haven or permanent forever family. As an adoptive mom, she understands the difficulties of parenting, as well as the joys that follow as we persevere in the Lord. You can find her at: www.EdithPont.com