3 Steps to Shift from a Negative to a Positive Perspective

Episode4.What'sAttitudeGotToDoWithItpngHave you ever wondered why sometimes you may remember, in great detail, the negative things someone says or does?

Here’s the deal, we may linger over specifics and hold on to the words someone said for hours or even days. As we continue this pattern of holding on to these thoughts, it begins to manifest as part of our “personality” – we may even begin to be on the pessimistic (wink, wink) negative side.

On today’s episode, we discuss how to move past a negative outlook to a more positive perspective. I share three steps that will help you make a brain shift from a negative mindset to one that is empowered by Christ.

What we discuss:

  • What is the “Negativity Bias”
  • Why quantity matters over quality
  • 3 Steps to begin the shift from a negative to a positive perspective


How Well Are You Wearing Your Crown?


Did you know that the enemy wants you to live like a peasant when you are meant to live like a royal? You are the daughter of the High King – translation: you are royalty… a princess!

On today’s episode, we are challenged to be honest about how we wear the invisible tiara, placed by God himself.

What We Cover:

• What it means to be God’s princess.
• The three responsibilities given to us by the High King.


3 Steps That Helped Me When I Wanted to Quit

Episode16-Ever Feel Like Quitting

If you’ve ever felt like throwing the towel, hang in there beloved. On today’s episode, we get honest about the fact that Christians get tired, weary, and want to quit. I share three steps that have helped me refocus and get back on track.

What We Cover:

  • Is the feeling of quitting an indicator of weakness?
  • 3 steps you can take to refocus


Are You Riding Someone Else’s Wave?


If you’ve ever held back from fully living because of insecurities, self doubt or fear, then you’ll want to join me. On today’s episode, we discuss six indicators that will clarify if you are riding someone else’s wave.

What We Cover:

• 6 indicators you are riding someone else’s wave.
• Life can feel like a big wave – but it’s your wave to ride.
• Why you need your own surf board.


One Word That Can Destroy or Strengthen Your Faith


Have you been having too many negative thoughts that spiral down to a broken and lonely path?

On today’s episode, we discuss one word that has the capacity to destroy or strengthen your faith.

What We Cover:
• This little word plants doubt, fear and insecurity.
• When we are anxious, part of the problem is that we want to take control of something that is out of our control.
• Negative thoughts are false, toxic and come from within – God’s truth is bigger, real, produces vitality, and gives power.


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