Change Can be Scary, But Necessary for Growth

Is January really almost over? What?! Where did the month go? Still, I’m excited it’s almost over because I can tell you more about the makeover is getting. Yay! Yes, that’s what it’s been about for our family AND my business – change. Moving from Ca to Tx kept me so busy that I […]

Anxious? Here’s a Simple Calming Strategy to Use During Times of Stress

This week has been difficult. We are not fully settled; there are still unopened boxes and we’re waiting on the internet to be connected (they are fully booked due to increased moves in our area). During the week we arrived, we all got sick. It seems it’s still lingering and just won’t go away. Anyhow, […]

Creating a Life of Simplicity: 7 Questions to Begin the Process

One reason so many Christians today are worn out and faint is because their lives are complicated. – Joyce Meyer This week has been all about packing. We are scheduled to load the container this weekend. Texas, we are coming soon! During the process of organizing and packing, I’ve realized that I have an abundance […]