Silence: Provides Holy Space to Hear from God

Silence: Provides Holy Space to Hear from GodThe past couple weeks have been a constant tugging to let go, disconnect, and connect deeper with the Lord. But it’s so dang hard. Having a ministry that requires me to be on social media can be tricky, but it’s no impossible.

Part of me wants to completely disconnect, but another part is afraid to let go because… How will people know about my ministry? How would I reach those that need to hear a word of encouragement?

I’ve been in great need to hear from God. I’m desperate to hear his direction. And there are days when I’m in a spiritual high. Things seem to be going well and I feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. And then there are days when I can’t hear his voice. It’s as if God completely removed himself. (I know, it’s all in my head, but you know you’ve felt the same way)

But I know better because he tells me, “My sheep know my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

I must follow. I must listen. I must tune in. Me… it’s my job to seek him. And so, I seek silence as a step into hearing from him. To really tune in to the Holy Spirit’s direction. If you feel the same, join me on practicing silence and hearing from the Holy One.


Silence: Freedom from Distractions

e57-silence-freedom-from-distractionsBusyness and productivity are highly valued, it’s difficult to embrace silence. With social media being our number one way of “connecting” with others, we’ve lost the art of being. It’s as if we require ourselves to interact with the world in order to feel as if we’re ok.

But our souls long for quietness… for the chatter of the world to be extinguished, so that we can hear the voice of the one who can comfort and heal our weary souls.

It’s hard to let go of this false sense of belonging and connectedness… it’s so tangible that we believe it to be true. But the only reality we have, is that God’s presence is what we really crave for. And most importantly, the only source of power, clarity, guidance, and peace.


Silence: Making Space to Hear from God

e57-making-room-for-silenceThe struggle is real y’all. Social media bombards us with ideas, lures us into believing we need more, and feeding us beliefs contrary to the word of God.

Sadly, I buy into it. I’m guilty of using my little fingers to scroll down Facebook and get lost in the shuffle.

How do I make more space for silence in this noisy world? This has been tugging at me for a couple weeks now. I want to make more room for the Holy Spirit. But I can’t make room when I open myself up to receive so many conflicting messages.

On today’s episode, I share a couple of thoughts on this issue. I’ll be doing a series, so this is just the introduction. If you struggle to keep silent, please leave your comments below and share it with me.

When It’s Hard to Love Someone

When It's Hard to Love Someone

What do you do when it’s hard to love someone?

This question has been stirring in my heart for a couple weeks. I really wanted to walk away… to give up on this one person. But talking to a friend, I realized that all relationships are worth fighting for.

People come into our life for a reason – and sometimes just for a season. But in this season, I’m learning to love people, even from a distance… because they are not ready to love back.

On today’s episode, I share my thought process of how I worked through “not feeling” into loving deeply, regardless of the other person’s response or lack thereof. I pray you are blessed and encouraged to keep fighting for that one person in your life that is hard to love.

The Fear and Love Cycle

E56-Fear and Love Cycle
Most of us don’t want to deal with our fears. As believers we steer away from admitting we are fearful. Some of us believe that if we did admit we are afraid, we may be judged as having “little” faith. But what if we were honest about our struggles? What if the first step to healing was just that? Admitting, confessing, and just being okay with the fact that we all have fears. If we take a look at the Bible, we see numerous men and women who were brave, but at some point also struggled with fears, insecurities, and having “little” faith.

Today, I want to share a simple concept that I hope is the beginning of your healing journey. Knowledge on it’s own is useless, but combined with application it can lead to wisdom. So, let’s jump right in. Oh, and if you see any typos on today’s post, I’m fighting a cold this morning and high on Mucinex. Give this gal some grace.

BTW, I did a Facebook Live on this teaching. If interested, watch here PART 1 ~ PART 2


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