One Word That Can Destroy or Strengthen Your Faith


Have you been having too many negative thoughts that spiral down to a broken and lonely path?

On today’s episode, we discuss one word that has the capacity to destroy or strengthen your faith.

What We Cover:
• This little word plants doubt, fear and insecurity.
• When we are anxious, part of the problem is that we want to take control of something that is out of our control.
• Negative thoughts are false, toxic and come from within – God’s truth is bigger, real, produces vitality, and gives power.


The Godly Trait of Flexibility


Today’s episode is a bit different than most. My son, Jeremy, joined in. I’m surprised he didn’t do more talking because this child can talk out of his ears. LOL

If you’ve ever felt like things are not going as expected and feel like things are getting out of control, hang out with me for about 4 minutes and I’ll explain how developing flexibility can help build Godly character.


What Most Believers Avoid That Can Alleviate Stress and Anxiety


Have you ever felt so stressed that you just want to get away? Yet, when you get away, you still can’t relax?

Or maybe you feel anxious and you don’t know how to quiet the negative and worrisome thoughts.

Well, you are not alone. Most Americans struggle with anxiety.

On today’s episode, we discuss the anecdote to stress and anxiety that most believers avoid: silence and solitude.