What to Do When Others Don’t Change

E44-When Other People Don't Change

Ok, I have to confess. There are people in my life that I disagree with their decisions or just bump heads with. And that’s ok. But there’s times when I can get so consumed by others not “changing” that it can get messy. That’s not ok on my books. It’s energy zapping, for sure.

But here’s the thing, most of these individuals we want to change are people closest to us. It can be our husband, child, family member, or close friend. Other times, it’s people in authority positions (your boss or pastor), which complicates things. You get me, right?

We all have people we wish would change – because if they did, life would run smoothly. I get it. I have a four year old going on 14. Pray for me.

On today’s episode, we discuss three principles that I hope help you see difficult people or circumstances from a new perspective. These three principles have helped me stay focused on what I can control vs. what I can’t. Enjoy!