Finding Peace in Difficult Times: 7 Takeaways from Michele Cushatt’s Book, Undone

E50-Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Today is Equip and Empower TV’s 50th episode – yay!

And to celebrate, I’m launching the Equip and Empower Academy. Summer session will kick off with two classes:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Stress Management

For full course details visit the Academy’s page HERE. I would love your support in sharing the news with your friends. You can share this page using any social media icon above [easy peasy].

Alright, so on today’s episode {video #50} I decided to do something a little different. I share 7 takeaways from Michele Cushatt’s book, Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life.

We all have “unexpected” somethings. All of us. For Michele, it was cancer. In her book, Undone, she shares her journey so beautifully. She’s a brilliant writer. And although I’ve never had such devastating news, I’ve had many experiences with fear that I can totally relate to her story and I know you will too.


The Scarcity Mentality + Abundant Life Power Prayer

E47-Scarcity vs. Abundant Mentality

Ok, so we’re gonna get a little personal on today’s episode. You see, I haven’t always been the “cheerful” and “joyful” kind. Growing up I was grumpy and tended to see life through gloomy lenses. Just ask my mom.

Things got really bad during my teen years (hormones… blame it on the hormones). It was a roller coaster of emotions. My mother tried her best to teach me about seeing the “glass half full” vs. my take of a glass half empty. I was stubborn.

If you’ve ever felt life is not fair or believe there is not enough goodness to go around – for you – I hope this message serves you well. I speak from personal experience when I say that abundance is for you – today. Jesus came for just that. The enemy wants you to believe there’s not enough. He knows scarcity will destroy dreams, friendships, and your faith. But abundant living begins with your mindset.

On today’s episode, we explore the difference between a scarcity and abundant mentality + I share a power prayer that will equip you claim an abundance mentality.


What to Do When Faithfulness and Gratitude Run Low

E46-Being Faithful with What You HaveLots has happened these past weeks and I found myself feeling ungrateful. My focus has been on the lack vs. the fullness. Ever feel that way? There’s many factors that play into this, but the Lord reminded me that to grow in gratitude, I must be faithful with what I have today.

When I find myself feeling stuck or frustrated, I know it’s that time again, where I have to re-evaluate and make tough decisions – those are never fun. But the reality is it’s necessary to get my heart back to it’s rightful place.

On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of being faithful with what we have today. Not living in the past or hoping for the future, but living for this moment. Because we can’t enjoy God’s blessings, when we’re so focused on the lack.


What to Do When Others Don’t Change

E44-When Other People Don't Change

Ok, I have to confess. There are people in my life that I disagree with their decisions or just bump heads with. And that’s ok. But there’s times when I can get so consumed by others not “changing” that it can get messy. That’s not ok on my books. It’s energy zapping, for sure.

But here’s the thing, most of these individuals we want to change are people closest to us. It can be our husband, child, family member, or close friend. Other times, it’s people in authority positions (your boss or pastor), which complicates things. You get me, right?

We all have people we wish would change – because if they did, life would run smoothly. I get it. I have a four year old going on 14. Pray for me.

On today’s episode, we discuss three principles that I hope help you see difficult people or circumstances from a new perspective. These three principles have helped me stay focused on what I can control vs. what I can’t. Enjoy!


It’s Ok to Cry it Out Because Jesus Holds You

E43-Allow Yourself to Feel and Cry

Life got hard this past week. There’s numerous projects going on and I felt an overwhelming wave come at me. Experience has taught me that’s a sign to step back and re-evaluate. So, I take time to digest what I see and pray about things I can’t see. In those moments with God, I let it go… I cry it out.

I called a friend to process my overwhelm. She’s great at just hearing me out. Then, she tells me she “admires” my vulnerability. I was puzzled. Doesn’t everyone just cry? Nope.

When life gets hard and we feel overwhelmed, we may tell ourselves that it’s not ok to feel because we can’t afford to “fall apart.” But, is that truly helpful? Time and time again, I’ve discovered this is a false sense of control. When life feels out of control, I try to grab control of something. And because not crying is having some sense of control, I toughen up and get going.

But it’s when I allow myself to fall apart that Jesus steps in and makes me new. 

And why should we hide our feelings when we’ve got a loving Father ready to comfort us? It’s easier said than done, beloved. I know. I’ve been there, but this time I’m allowing myself to feel deeply and allow God to restore. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of humanness. Feeling is totally ok, but holding it too long is where the problem lies. If you’re going through a difficult situation and feel like crying, but just haven’t given yourself the space to do so, I hope today’s episode brings hope and encouragement.


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