One Spiritual Practice That Can Impact Your Faith Walk


Is your spiritual walk feeling a bit dry? Do you want to have a deeper, meaningful relationship with God?

On today’s episode, we discuss one practice that can impact your spiritual walk; journaling.


How to Grow Your Faith in God’s Love: 3 Step Process


I was once asked if I believed that God loves me. My answer, “Yes, I believe God loves me.” I believed His Word but in my heart something was missing… there was uncertainty. I was lacking confidence in His love.

What does it mean to believe and to have faith? If you’ve ever struggled with this topic, then today’s episode is for you. And if you’ve been walking with Father for years, this may be a good refresher on basic steps you need to keep in mind to stay on track.

On today’s episode, we discuss three ways you can grow your faith in God’s love. Believe me, we all need a little help in this area.

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