SOS Cultivating Balance Part 2 (Self-Care)


Hello God’s little flame.

On today’s episode, we’re continuing on our 4-part series. We focus on the first letter of the acronym, SOS – self-care – and how it can help us cultivate balance.

Our text is 1 Kings 19:1-19. In Elijah’s story, we discover 3 God-given gifts that we must receive and accept if we are to cultivate a life of balance.

Grab a cup of coffee cause this one’s longer than usual (about 25 minutes). If you’re a subscriber, print your pdf HeartSheet I sent you and get ready to follow along. Let’s do this God’s little flame.

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What we Discuss:

  • What stops us from caring for ourselves
  • What happens when we lack self-care
  • What God truly says about self-care
  • The gifts God gives us as we care for his temple


SOS Cultivating Balance Part 1


Let’s face it, women wear too many hats and it can drive us crazy if we’re not careful. This series was inspired by my own struggles to keep my sanity during our move from CA to TX. Sometimes, I tried to keep my head over a sea of “to do” lists. It left me exhausted. Can you relate?

There have been many learnings during these past months. The one that stands with truth is: In order to get things done, effectively, we’ve got to cultivate balance. Why? Because it soothes the soul and gives us power to get going with purpose.

On today’s episode, we’ll discuss the acronym SOS and how it can help us cultivate balance.

What we Discuss:

  • Why self-care is not selfish
  • What organizing our thoughts and ordering our physical space does for our soul
  • What it means to choose the “better part” to create space for the sacred


3 Steps That Helped Me When I Wanted to Quit

Episode16-Ever Feel Like Quitting

If you’ve ever felt like throwing the towel, hang in there beloved. On today’s episode, we get honest about the fact that Christians get tired, weary, and want to quit. I share three steps that have helped me refocus and get back on track.

What We Cover:

  • Is the feeling of quitting an indicator of weakness?
  • 3 steps you can take to refocus


Feeling Like You Need to Be Perfect?


Have you ever felt like you can’t go to God because you’ve made too many mistakes? Do you believe you have to get your “act together” before you have a deeper relationship with Him?

If you struggle with “trying to be perfect,” then this episode is for you. I hope to shed some light and give you hope in knowing why it’s okay to be imperfect.

What We Cover:
• The main reason why we can’t be “perfect”
• If we can’t be perfect, then what is our aim/goal?
• What truly helps us let go of the need to “clean ourselves” before we come to God?


Three Unspoken Lies Women Believe and God’s Promises to Combat Them


If you’ve ever struggled with fear, acceptance or unclear about your spiritual identity, I hope today’s episode brings comfort and hope.

On today’s episode, we discuss 3 unspoken lies women believe and we’ll use 3 promises from God’s Word to combat them.

What We Cover:

  • 3 unspoken lies women believe; I am unsafe, I am unloveable, and I am unable
  • 3 levels that will help you understand where your core needs stem from
  • 3 promises to combat the lies
  • Why being rooted in Christ is important for your identity
  • Simple exercise to help you get started uprooting the lies and cultivating God’s promises