Silence: Freedom from Distractions

e57-silence-freedom-from-distractionsBusyness and productivity are highly valued, it’s difficult to embrace silence. With social media being our number one way of “connecting” with others, we’ve lost the art of being. It’s as if we require ourselves to interact with the world in order to feel as if we’re ok.

But our souls long for quietness… for the chatter of the world to be extinguished, so that we can hear the voice of the one who can comfort and heal our weary souls.

It’s hard to let go of this false sense of belonging and connectedness… it’s so tangible that we believe it to be true. But the only reality we have, is that God’s presence is what we really crave for. And most importantly, the only source of power, clarity, guidance, and peace.


Silence: Making Space to Hear from God

e57-making-room-for-silenceThe struggle is real y’all. Social media bombards us with ideas, lures us into believing we need more, and feeding us beliefs contrary to the word of God.

Sadly, I buy into it. I’m guilty of using my little fingers to scroll down Facebook and get lost in the shuffle.

How do I make more space for silence in this noisy world? This has been tugging at me for a couple weeks now. I want to make more room for the Holy Spirit. But I can’t make room when I open myself up to receive so many conflicting messages.

On today’s episode, I share a couple of thoughts on this issue. I’ll be doing a series, so this is just the introduction. If you struggle to keep silent, please leave your comments below and share it with me.

Identifying Safe People

E38-Identifying Safe People

Safe people, those that love us in the midst of the pain, support our efforts, remind us of our gifts, and challenge our opportunities is essential to our human experience. We are interdependent, connected with one another, to work together for the Kingdom of God.

Without safe peeps – life will be hard and stale, friend. You can be a hard cookie and be “self sufficient” all you want, but you need other women to encourage you. We’re hard wired for connection, meaningful experiences, and purposeful lives. But let’s not forget, our only source of fullness comes from God.

Do you have safe people in your life? If you do, consider yourself blessed. If you don’t, you can find safe people. Yes, they exist. You’ve gotta do a little more looking in the right places. As you’ll see, Jesus is the ultimate example of safety, authentic vulnerability, and acceptance of others when they fail or disappoint us.

On today’s episode, we’ll look at three factors that will help us identify safe people. We’ll use Mark 14:32-42, as our text to learn about vulnerability – a key factor in safe people. We’ll also look at the disciples response to Jesus’ pain and identify three traits of safe people.