Welcome Warrior!



When our family moved from CA to TX, I experienced loss of friendships, transitions, and waiting. Lots of waiting. My fears increased, disguised as worry and anxiety. I battled with insecurity, anxiety, and loneliness. And let me be real honest here – when life got hard, toxic thoughts blurred my vision and I missed God’s lens of wonder. During this time, I needed a tangible reminder that no matter what happened, God is always in control, even when I can’t feel Him or can’t see evidence of His work.

In my attempt to redirect my anxiety, I created a wonder jar, inspired by Psalm 86:10, “For You are great and do wondrous deeds; You alone are God.” The wonder jar helped me focus on what God was doing vs. what I was losing. I soon realized that if I was willing… just a bit, I could see God’s wonder working in my life. I literally had to change my lens of how I view life. As a symbol and reminder to open my eyes to His daily wonder, I bought a pair of Wonder Woman sunglasses and set them on my desk. This simple tool helped me remember that God’s lens of wonder, through the Holy Spirit, teaches and guides me at all times.

A little after this discovery, my husband gave our four year old his super hero collection, which included a mini Wonder Woman. Being a boy, my son didn’t want it and gave it to me. It didn’t take long before the Lord began to speak to me about how I too am a wonder woman.

But there’s more to it than just a pair of sunglasses. In Joshua 3:5, we see that in order to win the battle, God’s people had to consecrate themselves. And so, I decided to do a 40-day fear detox. The goal was to examine my fears and redirect them to God’s lens of truth and love. The result was beyond what I expected. What I learned has further fueled my passion to lead women in discovering their true identity in Christ.

If we’re to experience God’s wonder, we must surrender our fears, cultivate love, and seek the God of wonder.

The enemy’s weapon of choice is fear, insecurity, anxiety, conflict, and confusion. He wants you to run and hide. But God calls you to encounter his wonder and arise as his Wonder Warrior. A warrior that is courageous and strong to carry His message of love to the world. The Lord is willing and able to transform your life. He is in the transformation business and longs to lead you deeper into his heart. In his presence there is deliverance, healing, and freedom.

The Wonder Warrior course is going to be fun, but also challenging. We’ll use Wonder Woman as the inspiration and reminder that we are called to be Wonder Warriors for Christ. He has equipped us with everything we need to live fearlessly. This course is designed to provided a fresh encounter with the Lord and renew your mind so that you can arise as His Wonder Warrior. You have everything you need to live fearlessly. Nothing can be taken from you. As God’s Wonder Warriors, our focus is to protect what’s been given to us by His Spirit. You are God’s Wonder Warrior!

The Wonderful, Nitty-Gritty Details:

  • Wonder Warrior is a a self-paced online course for members only, which delivers materials via video and pdf workbook so you can participate from anywhere in a manner that works with your busy schedule.
  • There’s a total of 5 modules.
  • Each module includes a pdf workbook, which allows you to dig deeper into the content.
  • Access to a private Facebook community where you’ll experience encouragement, support and growth with your sisters in Christ.

The Wonder Warrior Goals (Aimed with You in Mind):

  1. Identify fears and how these drive your behaviors.
  2. Renew your mind by identifying negative thoughts and reframing them with God’s truth.
  3. Discover how to “step into” a place of love and see life through the lens of wonder.
  4. Release fears, un-forgiveness, and have an open heart to receive what God has for you.
  5. Increase confidence in accessing the Holy Spirit’s guidance in decision making.
  6. See life’s circumstances through the lens of wonder and love.

Hear from God’s Wonder Warriors:

“God has been able to love me like he has never loved me before. He has touched me with his holy spirit and allowed me to see things through his loving eyes. I can now handle difficult situations without losing my cool or saying hurtful things. I feel empowered with God’s love and knowledge that sometimes I walk around without a care in the world. I now know that if I ask God for help and guidance, that I do not need to walk around with it on my shoulders any longer. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that God has your back.

I have learned that I have two choices. I can either see the world for what it is or I can choose to see the world through the lens of LOVE and how beautiful it is no matter what difficult situation you are going through.”Warrior Mary

“We normally invest in make-up or clothes to “feel” good or accepted. Invest into the best inside clothes that you will find. The word of God will embrace you and make you feel renewed. Going trough the WW Program helped me to find that strength that lives within me, that special connection I have with God and the power to call myself a warrior for God.”Warrior Paloma

Modules at a Glance:

Module1Module 1 ~ Heart of a Warrior

  • Wonder Power: Master Athlete ~ trained in unarmed and armed (sword) combat.
  • The Focus: Your call as a wonder warrior for Christ.
  • In this module you’ll:
  1. Move from a civilian mentality to a warrior mindset.
  2. Create your Wonder Warrior vision statement.
  3. Set a solid foundation for the journey ahead with the help of guided exercises.

Module2Module 2 ~ Impenetrable Shield

  • Wonder Power: Bracelets ~ stops bullets and other projectiles. When crossed, it becomes and impenetrable shield.
  • The Focus: The power of the Cross and preserving your heart.
  • In this module you’ll:
  1. Discover ways the shield protects you from the enemy’s arrows.
  2. Explore the concept of wonder vs. toxic thinking.
  3. Implement 10 loved based principles to help shift your perspective.


Module 3 ~ Lasso of Truth

  • Wonder Power: Lasso of truth ~ unbreakable, forces to speak truth.
  • The Focus: Renewing your mind. 
  • In this module you’ll:
  1. Discover unhealthy thinking styles.
  2. Learn about cognitive structures.
  3. Implement new ways of dealing with toxic thinking.

Module4Module 4 ~ Chin Up, Princess

  • Wonder Power: Tiara ~ symbol of royalty and nobility (star, shine bright).
  • The Focus: Your identity in Christ.
  • In this module you’ll:
    1. Explore the “false self” vs. “true self.”
    2. Strengthen your views and beliefs of God as your Father.
    3. Discover God’s I am promises for your life.

Module5Module 5 ~ Arise Wonder Warrior

  • Wonder Power: Magical and physical resistance ~ near invulnerable, highly resistant to fire (the mountains and difficulties) and magic (the lies of the enemy).
  • The Focus: Alignment with the Holy Spirit.
  • In this module you’ll:
    1. Awaken your passion to pursue God’s presence.
    2. Explore the power of the Holy Spirit to resist the enemy’s lies by implementing your warrior prayer.
    3. Implement three tools to help your heart and mind align to the Holy Spirit.

The Wonder Warrior Course will be re-launching Fall 2017!